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Mobile apps

Mobile apps & Mobile phone and tablet use

Smartphone users are doubled every year, while one out of every four mobile phone devices in Greece is a smartphone. These facts prove beyond any doubt how much mobile device use, and by extension mobile application use, has increased. Internet access is now available on all kinds of smartphones, tablets, and iPhones and continues to grow very rapidly, leading to a massive increase of mobile e-commerce.

Mobile e-commerce

With our extensive experience in building e-commerce applications, developing an e-shop application for iPhones, Android smartphones and tablets was the next logical step for us.

Usability and functionality are the key features of Hellassites's mobile e-shop application. Our objective is to provide users with an experience akin to that of a web browser-based e-shop. Visitors are only a couple of clicks away from purchasing products and services.

Contact our Hellassites consultants to get an analysis and presentation of our mobile e-shop platform and related case studies.