Website & Eshops that include 3 basic elements :

The puzzle pieces contributing to the successful deployment of your website

Web Site Design & E-commerce

Highly advanced web pages graphics- and functionality-wise:

  • Corporate websites providing information on the company and promoting products and services to visitors effectively.
  • Dynamic websites that facilitate showcasing hundreds or even thousands of products through the web page database.
  • Ε-Shops with model E-commerce applications that provide users with an optimum experience.
  • Portals/Vortals delivering detailed company news through the website.

SEO Search Engine Optimization & Google Adwords

Κατασκευή και δημιουργία προηγμένων sites σχεδιαστικά και λειτουργικά:

  • An optimization process for improving website ranking on search providers and directories such as Google, Yahoo, MSN.
  • Analysis of the business sector each website will be competing in to select the most effective keywords.

Εmail Marketing

  • Designing advertising newsletters for your website, in concordance with website identity and graphics design.
  • Sending out thousands of newsletters in order to instantly increase website recognizability and promote products and services contained in the website.

Web Hosting - Website Hosting

  • Hosting static and dynamic websites or E-Shops on proprietary state-of-the-art servers in the largest and best datacenter of the country.